How Consumer Needs Affect Color

Consumer needs affect their color selections. With wellness being in the forefront as many consumers recovering from COVID-19, consumers want to feel lighter and hopeful after dealing with multiple stressful issues. Additionally, they may desire a sense of luxury to be found in the sanctuary of their home. Sustainability and social responsibility is also becoming popular among consumers.

According to the Color Marketing Group, matte and frost finishes are more relatable in this hard and complex world versus a gloss finish. Color trends are in two camps; soft, calming colors or fun, bright colors. Both have positive psychological affects. Green and brown (including tans) move front and center as they symbolize growth and being grounded. Blues continue to stay strong as they embody trust, tranquility, and fresh air. Warm colors of red, corals, pale yellow and violets reinforcing nature have appeal to consumers.

Brands have the ability to share meaningful experiences that connect through renewal, trust, transparency and tranquility. More empathy is creating more balance in humanity.

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