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Raising the Bar for Custom Glassware Branding

Glassware decoration can enhance aesthetic appeal and create a unique atmosphere. Our services cater to various styles and preferences. The end result is a beautifully crafted piece of glass art that brings life, beauty, and individuality to any environment.

What We Do

Decorative Painting Services

Our glass painting services offer a creative and visually stunning way to transform plain glass surfaces into works of art. We use specialized techniques and high-quality paints to add vibrant colors, designs, and personalized touches to glass candle jars, barware, vases, and more.

Screen Printing Services

Give your product a timeless and luxurious feel than labeling alone. Add your logo, your product line design, or have one of our graphic designers help bring your vision to life.

Ready-to-Ship Items

Understanding the needs of our customers, pre-painted jars readily available in three finishes.

Candle Filling

Our candle-filling service is designed to fulfill your unique needs with a harmonious blend of creativity and craftsmanship that transforms your vision into beautifully crafted scented candles.

Why Choose JAFE?

For over 45 years, JAFE decorating has been an industry leader in decorating glassware of all types and sizes. Our team is passionately dedicated to conducting ongoing research and innovation to discover fresh and enticing methods that will distinguish your product within the industry. We pride ourselves on providing quality, timeliness, and flexibility.

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