With 20+ different spray techniques and an endless array of color and special effect choices, we can create the look that will set your product apart from your competitors. Browse our unique decorating techniques below and let your creativity flow. If you don’t see your unique look, contact us. We will research and develop your vision.

Spray Techniques

Transparent Gloss

High-gloss, colored glass appearance. Allows all light to pass through the coating.

Translucent Gloss

Milky or cloudy effect. Allows most light to pass through the coating.

Opaque Gloss

Solid color. Very little light is allowed to pass through the coating.

Transparent Frost

Finish similar to colored acid etched glass.

Opaque Frost

Matte finish allowing very little light to pass through the coating.

Two Color Fade

The effect is achieved by mixing two colors at the time of spray. When applied using a transparent coating, three colors are developed with a gradient effect between colors.

Two Color Inside/Outside

One color visible on the inside while a different color is applied on the outside.

Colored Chrome

Highly reflective chrome coating offering a mirror-like finish. This finish is coupled with either a glossy or matte protective overcoat and can be produced in any color.


Our traditional colored chrome coating applied in a variable technique to achieve the effect of antique mercury glass.


Color shifting pigments added to basic colors to achieve a broad array of color across the glass surface.


Similar to metallic finishes but more transparent. A good way to sneak a secondary color into the piece.


Coarse-textured finish taking on a look similar to stone.

Metallic Lace

Combining opacity with metallic particles and utilizing special application techniques to achieve veins of metallic similar to a geode.


Aged metal effect mimics the patina found on antique metals such as copper.


Cracked cell and vein pattern which can be developed in two overlapping colors. Cell size can be adjusted to offer a wide range of effect.

Paint Applications

Inside Spray

Outside Spray

Inside/Outside Spray


JAFE offers a full spectrum of color and finish possibilities to meet your project needs. Color and texture can get customers to notice, but using the right color and texture can aid in selling your product. Combining our state of the art technology with our craftsmanship, artistry and passion for customer service; our Product Development Lab will assist you with your product design requests. The lab will produce a sample for your approval before your product will go to production. Give us a call!