Painting Techniques

Expert Quality Glassware Painting

With 20+ different spray techniques, an endless array of color and special effect choices, we can create the look that will set your product apart from your competitors.

Transparent Gloss

Creates a luxurious, professional-looking finish that elevates the overall aesthetic. Perfect for achieving a contemporary, sophisticated look that catches the eye and adds a touch of refinement.

Translucent Gloss

Offers a subtle yet radiant finish, delicately enhancing surfaces with a luminous sheen. Perfect for achieving a refined, ethereal aesthetic that exudes understated beauty.

Opaque Gloss

Delivers a striking, high-shine finish that commands attention with its bold and lustrous appearance. Perfect for achieving a modern, sleek look that makes a lasting impression.

Transparent Frost

Allows light to pass through while diffusing it softly, giving the appearance of frosty patterns. Ideal for adding a touch of elegance to glassware where a subtle, ethereal aesthetic is desired.

Opaque Frost

Provides full coverage, creating a solid, frosty layer that obscures the underlying surface. Ideal for any project where a bold, frost-kissed look is desired.

Two-Color ombre

Blends seamlessly from one hue to another, creating a stunning gradient effect that transitions smoothly between two colors. Perfect for those looking to enhance their surroundings with vibrant color and dynamic visual interest.

Two Color Inside/Outside

Offers a dynamic and versatile approach, allowing for contrasting or complementary colors to be applied to different areas. Ideal or those looking to complement their surroundings with a touch of flair and distinction.

Colored Chrome

Enhances surfaces with a mesmerizing, metallic sheen, reminiscent of polished chrome but with a vibrant burst of color. Perfect for those seeking to showcase their individual style with a unique and luxury finish.


Captures the ethereal beauty of liquid metal, creating a mesmerizing, mirror-like finish. Perfect for those seeking to upgrade their surroundings with a touch of glamour and intrigue.


Captures the play of colors, elevate surfaces with a captivating iridescence and depth. Reminiscent of a kaleidoscope. Ideal for those seeking to infuse their creations with a sense of wonder and fascination.


Adds a touch of sparkle and glamour to surfaces. Offers a touch of magic and whimsy to any space. Perfect for those looking to enhance their creations with a hint of glamour and sparkle.


Recreates the timeless elegance of natural granite, bringing its distinctive texture and depth. Ideal for those seeking to achieve the look of granite/stone without the expense.

Croco Effect

Mimics the distinctive texture and pattern of crocodile skin, adding a touch of exotic luxury. No two pieces are identical. Perfect for those looking to make a bold and adventurous design statement.


Intensify surfaces with a playful and dazzling array of glittering speckles, creating a dynamic and eye-catching effect making each piece unique. Ideal for those seeking to infuse their creations with a hint of dazzle and delight.


Creates a luxurious and lustrous finish on surfaces, evoking the smooth texture and subtle sheen of silk fabric. Perfect for those seeking to create a serene and inviting atmosphere with a touch of subtle beauty.


Electrifies surfaces with vibrant, eye-catching colors that pop with luminous intensity. Ideal for those seeking to make a bold and memorable statement with their design choices.


Offers the timeless allure of aged metal, capturing the rich depth and character of weathered copper, bronze, or brass. Each piece is unique. Perfect for those seeking to elevate their surroundings with a sense of timeless elegance and heritage.

Leather Effect

Recreates the sumptuous texture and rich appearance of genuine leather. Ideal for those seeking to elevate their surroundings with a touch of timeless sophistication and luxury.

Paint Application Options

Separate Yourself with Color!

JAFE offers a full spectrum of color and finish possibilities to meet your project needs. While color and texture are effective in capturing customer attention, strategically utilizing the appropriate combination of both can significantly enhance the marketability of your product. Combining our state of the art technology with our craftsmanship, artistry and passion for customer service; our Product Development Lab will assist you with your product design requests. The lab will produce a sample for your approval before your product will go to production. Give us a call!

Expert Paint Applications Techniques

At JAFE Decorating, we specialize in glass decoration and offer a range of services tailored to your specific needs. Our team is here to guide you through the process and ensures meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to quality in every project. Contact us today to explore the endless possibilities and let’s turn your glass surfaces into works of art!

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