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Combining traditional craftsmanship with modern technology, we ensure precision and attention to detail in every project. We have the expertise to meet your unique requirements.

Randy O'Dell, JAFE President

In our continuous pursuit of being your decorator of choice for the glass industry, we are driven to constantly research and develop new and innovative ideas to set your product apart in the marketplace.

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Ready to bring a personal touch to your product? Want to add branding to your glassware? Our service team is waiting for you. Contact us to get started.

Dedication to Innovation

We are dedicated to staying at the forefront of the industry, continually exploring new materials and techniques to push the boundaries of what’s possible in commercial glass decoration. Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with advanced machinery and tools that enable us to create exceptional products with exceptional durability.

Devoted to Customer Service

At JAFE Decorating, we value collaboration and customer satisfaction above all else. We work closely with our clients to understand their vision and translate it into reality. From concept development to final production, we ensure a seamless and efficient process, delivering results that exceed expectations.

Committed to Sustainability

In addition to our commitment to quality and innovation, we also prioritize sustainability. We strive to implement responsible manufacturing practices and minimize our environmental impact by using eco-friendly materials. Our dedication to sustainability reflects our belief in creating a better future for both our clients and the planet.

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Our industry-leading color matching equipment and state of the art research and development lab allow us to rapidly develop products that stand out on store shelves. Our portfolio of 20+ different spray techniques, each available in thousands of colors, offer an unlimited assortment of special effects to set your product apart from your competition. Our team can turn any idea into a unique piece of decorated ware.

Get your glass project done right

With JAFE Decorating, you can expect nothing less than exceptional quality, meticulous craftsmanship, and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. Step into a world of innovation and beauty as you partner with JAFE Decorating to bring your commercial glass decoration dreams to life. Most importantly, we are committed to conducting our business with the finest quality, timeliness, and flexibility.