JAFE - Over 40 Years in the Making

We are proud to have celebrated our 40th Anniversary here at JAFE! This accomplishment can be directly accredited to our employees, who are the cornerstones of our success and growth and ensuring that each and every day we deliver the highest quality product to the marketplace. Since 1998, we have doubled our warehouse and production capacity and since 2010, we have tripled our sales, tripled our employees and we are still growing and evolving every day.

The company got its start in a garage in 1978

Lloyd Williams, took his 27 years of knowledge and passion for coloring glass and decided to branch out on his own. Naming his company after the first initial of each of his four children, he created JAFE. He originally focused on a unique coating process that permanently stained glass in amber, red and brown. JAFE was the only company in the US that commercially colored glass using that high temperature, chemical bonding process. Eventually, the company shifted gears to include painted glass to meet customer’s demand for a wider spectrum of colors.

Today, JAFE continues to be family-owned and operated

The current owner, Randy O’Dell, joined the company in 1998, was running the company by 2006, and purchased the company in 2010. During these years, JAFE Decorating has evolved into a 97,000 square foot facility strategically located in Midwestern Ohio near two of the largest domestic glass suppliers. Utilizing five state-of-the-art robotic spray lines, we have developed the capabilities to formulate and apply a wide variety of specialty coatings and colors on all types of glassware, stainless steel, plastic and ceramics.

At JAFE, we offer the versatility and flexibility to make a project of any size, shape or complexity a success. Our team is driven to constantly research and develop new and exciting ways to set your product apart in the industry. Our goal is to be your decorator of choice!

JAFE Gives Back Program

Giving back to our community is a big passion of ours and our staff. Many of our employees come from our local communities & they happily participate in the program. Some events include but are not limited to: Youth Manufacturing Camp through Darke County Economic Development, Stuff The Bus through United Way & Warm Winter Wear for Darke County Children.

  • In 1991, JAFE grew from a garage on Sater Street to our original 26,000 square foot facility.

  • In 1998, 10,000 square feet and our 1st automated production line was added to meet increasing business demands.

  • In 2010, JAFE acquired a 2nd production line and by 2014 we were expanding again, this time by 14,000 square feet to accommodate our 3rd production line.

  • Today, JAFE now has 5 production lines and 97,000 square feet with expansion plans in the future to continually meet our customers’ needs.