Susan Bunch – November JAFE Employee Highlight

This month, Susan Bunch is our employee highlight due to her work at JAFE. Her dedication and valuable experience is apparent through her 23 years of service on the production floor.

Susan recalls her first years on the line. Her favorite was the old stain room where employees would stain glass in the colors amber, red, and brown to be used in the automotive industry.

Lloyd Williams, the past owner of JAFE, used to tell her “if you wouldn’t buy the product, then don’t pass it.” She expressed how his open leadership and family-oriented values built JAFE’s current culture.

Family is an important part of Susan’s life. She has 4 children, 8 grandchildren, and 5 great-grandchildren. During the summer, Susan loves to camp at Stillwater Beach and usually relaxes by watching murder mystery shows and ghost stories. 

Her advice to new employees is summed up in one word: patience. Be reliable and show up to work on time; these attributes will reward you in the future. “You’ll gain more experience as time passes, giving you the ability to move up in the company.” 

When asked her plans for the future, Susan stated “I’m going to work at JAFE as long as I can!” We thank Susan for her amazing work ethic and can’t wait to work with her for years to come.