March 2021 Employee Highlight

Morgan Shepard, Production Associate.

At JAFE, we value employees who bring positive energy to the workplace. Our family culture thrives on these employees to keep morale up and encourages their coworkers to perform to their best each and every day.

Morgan’s Work Ethic

Morgan Shepard is an excellent example of an employee who spreads light into his second shift work family. He comes into work every day with his notebook to take quality notes for the BGK line, such as counting parts or defects: Morgan completes this task out of his initiative. He looks out the window by the production line when he gets a chance to in-between parts.

Advice to New Employees

Morgan’s advice to new JAFE employees is to “Stay out of trouble.” Morgan uses this phrase often in a light and fun tone towards his coworkers. He talks about Mary, the BGK line paint technician, and his trainer when he initially joined the JAFE team two years ago. He likes to call her and other coworkers by nicknames he personally created.

Contagious Personality

His personalization for everyone around him makes others’ workdays pass by. Morgan’s joy and natural happiness are contagious to all those who work around him. Connie, Head of the 2nd shift, mentions that “JAFE needs 10 Morgan duplicates” because of his enthusiasm.

Thank you, Morgan, for your valuable contributions as an employee and friend to all of our JAFE family!