These 18 colors can expedite the ordering process for customers while offering a quality color that is popular or trending in markets. Our collection does not go through our sampling process! Simply place your Purchase Order and ship your glass product to our facility. Or, fill out our instant Google form within 10 minutes to receive an estimate or sales order within 24-48 hours. Are you interested in ordering production without a sampling process? Check out our colors today!

Traditional Transparent Colors

Green Transparent Gloss
Paint Code: 78JG5180

Red Transparent Gloss
Paint Code: 78JR5181

Cobalt Transparent Gloss
Paint Code: 78JA2200

Amber Transparent Gloss
Paint Code: 78JD5915

Traditional Black Colors

Opaque Black Frost
Paint code: 82JB2999

Opaque Black Gloss
Paint Code: 78JB2625

Transparent Black Gloss
Paint Code: 78JB5765

Traditional White Finishes

Clear Translucent Frost
Paint Code: 82JC2675

White Opaque Frost
Paint Code: 82JW3000

White Opaque Gloss
Paint Code: 78JW2663

White Translucent Gloss
Paint Code: 78JW5740

Metallic Finishes

Gold Metallic Gloss
Paint Code: 78MY2821

Silver Metallic Gloss
Paint Code: 78MB2823

Rose Gold Metallic Gloss
Paint Code: 78MO2822

Trending Colors

Warm Gray Opaque Gloss
Paint Code: 82JD5346

Pink Opaque Gloss
Paint Code: 78JR5753

Blue Opaque Frost
Paint Code: 82JA4869

Yellow Opaque Gloss
Paint Code: 78JY5844